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ID Theft Products

Don't wait until you become a victim!  Think you don't need ID Theft Protection?  Think again!

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States.  It can happen to anyone, anywhere – regardless of how careful you are, your age, income, or where you live.

With the Fully Managed Identity Recovery services from Ohio Teamsters Credit Union, you don't need to worry.  A professional Recovery Advocate will do the work on your behalf. Should you experience an Identity Theft incident, your Recovery Advocate will stick with you all along the way – and will be there for you until your good name is restored.

Our ID Theft Protection also includes Lost Document Replacement which will replace important documents that are lost, stolen or destroyed as a result of an Identity Theft event. The service covers credit cards, professional licenses, passports, government-issued documents, and more. A Recovery Advocate works with the victim to contact creditors, cancel the compromised information, and obtain replacement documents.

Checking account holders have the added benefit of Credit Bureau Monitoring which will monitor their Experian® credit report continuously for new or suspicious activity. If new activity occurs, an alert is sent via email and text message, allowing them to confirm whether or not the activity is fraudulent.

These embedded services all contain the Three-Generation (3G) Family Benefit, coverage for a spouse or domestic partner, dependents under the age of 25 with the same permanent address, and parents living with the accountholder or in elder care. Should an incident of Identity Theft occur, your Recovery Advocate will place fraud alerts with the 3 major credit bureaus, review all 3 of your credit reports with you to identify  fraudulent activity, research and document all fraudulent transactions, notify local and federal law enforcement, provide follow-up for 12 months after identity restoration, and maintain your Experian® credit monitoring during recovery and for a full year post-resolution with alerts as often as daily if changes are detected on the report.

To enroll in our ID Theft Protection services, stop into and visit Ohio Teamsters Credit Union or call

Any member can also choose to enroll themselves in Identity Protection services or upgrade their embedded services! Just visit!  We are offering 3 packages – choose the best package for you and your family!

Package options may include:

Credential Vault

The Credential Vault is a secure electronic storage facility where members can store 50 critical credentials critical that they may need to retrieve in the event of a lost or stolen wallet or purse, a home burglary or fire, or even a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood.

Expense Reimbursement Insurance*

Expense Reimbursement Insurance is available to cover out of pocket expenses incurred during the identity recovery process.

Internet Monitoring

Internet Monitoring provides monitoring for up to 25 personal credentials, registered by the member, on thousands of internet sites, black market sites as well as social networking websites, with an alert sent immediately to the member should any of their information be discovered.

Credit Report

Members receive their Experian® credit bureau report once each year providing an opportunity to review the accuracy of the information that is shown. Reports are provided in addition to the annual free reports provided by the credit bureaus.

Credit Score

Members will receive their Experian® credit score once each year. It is strongly recommended that consumers know and track their credit score at least once per year, not only to detect the possibility of identity theft, but also to track credit worthiness.

Score Tracker

This servicer synthesizes the credit score from the three major credit reporting bureaus and reflects a historical perspective in a monthly trend report.

To enroll in these additional, upgraded coverage with individual packages starting at $4.95 per month!

Identity Protection
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