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This credit union began as a service to Bakery Drivers Local 52. For a long time it was a wad of papers in the pocket of Albert Young, Local 52 President. But even at the outset, it was clearly marked for a great future.

The late Edward Murphy, President of Joint Council 41, and his successor, William Presser, cheered the program along, offering help every step of the way. From International President James R. Hoffa, a strong advocate of credit unions, came frequent suggestions that helped spur the growth of the organization.

In 1953, the big expansion took place and the credit union was renamed Cleveland Teamsters Credit Union. Its assets, which had climbed from $2,666 in 1940 to $352,000 in 1952, suddenly zoomed to just under $572,555 in 1953, to nearly a million in 1955. The credit union has since experienced steady growth.

In 1965, Cleveland Teamsters Credit Union was renamed Ohio Teamsters Credit Union.

The credit union continued to add members and increase assets, and by 1973, they had grown to a financial institution just over $5 million. At that time, they had 3,605 loans and served nearly 8,000 members.

In 1979, the credit union recognized a stellar milestone by utilizing their very first computer system. It was a completely new way of doing business, but the members were receptive and the credit union staff took great strides to learn this new way of doing business.

Today, the credit union has just over $13,000,000 in assets and serves almost 7,000 members nationwide. As more members continue to utilize the products and services of the credit union, we're able to add new products and services to benefit our entire membership.

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Main Office:
Phone Number: (216) 573-6700
Toll Free: (800) 909-6828
Fax: (216) 573-6732
Location: 6100 Rockside Woods Dr., Independence
This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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